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GDT 2021 Trail PlanGDT 2021 Trail Plan - 2The southern peaks of Glacier National Park, MTMountain sunsetBinocular viewing of Waterton at duskMorning hiking along the lakeThe bench over looking Waterton LakesGaillardia and Queens CupBorder Monument  - composedThe Official Start to the Great Divide Trail!To the south lies the beginning of the Continental Divide Trail that runs all the way down to MexicoThe shade in the forest was most welcome on this hot day.Aspens and regrowthKirstie enjoys cooling her feet at the end of the hike.Heading up the valley from Cameron FallsKenow Fire of 2017 burned extensively in WatertonFern gullyOne of many trail streamsTrail stream long expo (used a downed log for balance)Alderson Lake